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Sending flowers

Sending flowers is always a nice gesture to anyone. Whether it is a gift for an occasion, a way to cheer up somebody who has fallen ill or just to be nice, the recipient of the flowers is always happy.

Of course it is always most easy to purchase flowers and then go hand the flowers over yourself, but that is not always possible. Just because you live far away from someone or are otherwise unable to deliver them yourself is no excuse, because sending flowers is so easy! There are numerous ways that you can do it too. You can always phone up a local flower shop to discuss your options with a florist or send flowers from an online flower shop.

The benefit of phoning up a local florist instead of just ordering online, to have your flowers delivered, is that you can chat with the florist about exactly what you would like and explore all your options. Remember to listen to the florist, as they are the experts and will know how to put together a beautiful arrangement. You can also discuss other options such as a vase, basket, tissue paper or other wrapping options, best time of delivery, what to write on a card etc.

No matter how you plan to send flowers, it is important to make sure that they have a delivery service. Most places some sort of a delivery service, but the cost for delivery can be quite different from place to place. It might cost a lot to have them delivered, so be aware of that and always find out what the delivery fees are prior to making your purchase. You can always ask or check for deals online for free delivery on purchases over a certain amount.

Some flower shops offer the delivery themselves as an internal operation while others hire another company that handles their deliveries. This may or may not matter to you, but you can always ask, as one option might be cheaper than the other.

Next day delivery vs. Same day delivery

Depending on a few factors, same day delivery compared to next day delivery might have a drastic difference in price. Other factors that will influence the possible of same day delivery is the time of the day. Don't forget to consider the local time of the flower shop when determining the feasibility of your flowers being sent the same day. If you know that it is somebody's birthday or other occasion and you plan to send flowers, plan ahead! It is always much easier to get exactly what you want and when you want it delivered when a florist knows about it beforehand.

International delivery

International delivery should not make it any more difficult to send flowers to that location if you are planning to call a local flower shop. Sending flowers online, you need to be a little more careful. You need to ensure that the place you ordering the flowers from offer creation of arrangements and delivery of flowers in the desired location. It should not cost any more or less for the flowers, but be sure to understand the local currency before making your purchase.

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