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Flowers are a classic gift and appreciated by most. There are flowers for all occasions so they really make for a great gift. Many say that flowers have their own language, so say what you want to say with a flower gift. There are many online resources to find out the 'language of flowers' but some examples are; red roses for love, red poppy for pleasure, orange blossom for wisdom and innocence, lavender for devotion, daisies for innocence, iris for hope, pink carnation means 'I'll never forget you' and so on. There are many, many more so there is an opportunity to say what it is you want to say with your flowers rather than just with a card (just make sure that the person receiving the flowers know to look beyond the beautiful flowers and actually find out the meaning of them to so that your gift is fully received).

When giving flowers away as a gift try to connect the choice of flowers to the occasion and the personality of the receiver – who they are, what would they really appreciate, what do you want the gift to say? Roses are indeed classic and beautiful but can sometimes be considered as the 'easy way out' and too common. However, if you really like roses, there are lots of different kinds of roses out there so do a little bit of research and you can find some with a bit more edge or originality. If you are getting a floral gift on a bright summers day for a sparkly young lady maybe sunflowers are an option – they are fun, different, bright and joyful. So be creative and don't shy away from going beyond the common choices. If you give your florist an idea of what the gift means to you and what you want it to mean to the receiver and maybe a little bit about the person you are giving the flowers too, your florist may be able to give you some great suggestions and alternatives. If you know that your friend does not like some particular flowers, keep that in mind as you probably want to keep away from that 'style' of flower or flowers that are very similar to it just to be on the safe side.

A great complement to make the perfect flower gift, apart from the actual flowers, is a flower vase. A vase is something so simple but not everyone has a great vase for the flowers you are giving them. So when you order flowers you can ask the florist if the flowers actually come with a vase or if that is an option you can add to your order. Flower vases will also obviously last much longer than natural, fresh flowers will. So that once the fresh flowers have passed their prime, they will still have a lasting memory of the gift you gave and of course they will also be able to reuse the flower vase for another occasion.

These days you do not have to be close in distance to someone in order to be able to deliver a fresh flowers gift to him or her. The internet has made it easy for us to simply go online, do a quick search and be able to find a florist that can deliver to the area you are looking for. Many florists online also offer photos of what the flower arrangement looks like. You obviously do not have the same guarantee that the flower gift will look like you want it to look when you are not there in person but that may just be the compromise you have to make for convenience and ease. Make sure when you order flowers online that you find out the delivery time. Some flower shops or florists that offer their services online will give customers the option to place an order online or via the phone. If you are more comfortable with one or the other make sure to look for what they offer as far as customer service goes before you get too attached to one arrangement on a particular site. It is all about what is most important to you and what you feel comfortable with when shopping for flowers online.

Flower shops will often not only have a physical location but also have online presence so if you know of a florist that you trust and have great confidence will deliver a great flower gift maybe try them out online. Or, if you want to deliver flowers to someone that lives quite far from you, maybe ask your favorite florist for recommendation in case you do not find anything online that you feel you can trust.

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