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Birthday flowers

Flowers are a wonderful birthday gift. Flowers have a universal language, and are appreciated by most. Who would not love a gift that is pretty to look at, gives your room a wonderful scent and that can work as an extra, fantastic decoration with its uplifting colors?

Since flower shops online are so common and easy to use these days, flowers also become a great and convenient gift to send to that friend or family member far away. Just make sure that the flower shop you choose, delivers to the destination in mind and that you know what the final shipping fees will be before final 'check out'.

When you buy flowers for someone's birthday you can get them their favorite flower and/or a flower arrangement in their favorite color. If you are kind of at a loss as to what flowers to get another idea is to get the flower that 'represents' the month of their birthday. Every month of the year has a birth flower with special meaning, just like every month has a birth stone. The birth flowers are different for each month and this may just be another fun and creative way to shop for birthday flowers.

Here are each month and the birth flower associated with it;

  • January's birth flower – Carnations
  • February's birth flower – Iris
  • March's birth flower – Daffodils
  • April's birth flower – Daisy
  • May's birth flower – Lily
  • June's birth flower – Rose
  • July's birth flower – Delphinium
  • August's birth flower – Gladiola
  • September's birth flower – Aster
  • October's birth flower – Marigold
  • November's birth flower – Crysanthemum
  • December's birth flower – Poinsettia

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