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Anniversary flowers

Wedding anniversaries are a special time to celebrate your love for your spouse. Flowers on your anniversary can communicate that love and affection that you feel for each other and celebrate the special bond you share together.

Gifts are also often given on anniversaries (metals and stones are often associated with different anniversary years) however flowers are also an appropriate and thoughtful anniversary gift for a friend or maybe parents and other relatives.

Flowers can say more than words and there is such a wide selection for you to customize your message to your loved one. One idea is to give a bouquet or flower arrangement, for your anniversary, that has wedding bouquet flowers ‘staring’ the arrangement. For example, if the bride had white roses, give her a bouquet of white roses for your anniversary or perhaps to mix it up, buy roses but buy them in different colors each year (if you know that your spouse just loves those roses and they are a special reminder of your wedding).

If you want to go traditional however, there are flowers that are commonly associated with the different anniversaries. Here’s a list of flowers associated with anniversaries, from your first year to the 50th;

  • 1st anniversary – Pansies
  • 2nd anniversary – Cosmos
  • 3rd anniversary – Fuchsias
  • 4th anniversary – Geraniums
  • 5th anniversary – Daisies
  • 6th anniversary – Calla Lillies
  • 7th anniversary – Jack-in-the-pulpit
  • 8th anniversary – Clematis
  • 9th anniversary – Poppies
  • 10th anniversary – Daffodils
  • 11th anniversary – Morning glory
  • 12th anniversary – Peonies
  • 13th anniversary – Hollyhocks
  • 14th anniversary – Dahlias
  • 15th anniversary – Roses
  • 20th anniversary – Day Lillies
  • 25th anniversary – Iris
  • 30th anniversary – Sweet Pea
  • 40th anniversary – Nasturtiums
  • 50th anniversary - Violets

If you for some reason can’t be with your loved one on your anniversary you can always have flowers sent to them. Most flower shops deliver and of course there is a multitude of websites where you can order flowers online for your anniversary and arrange for delivery as well.

So celebrate and show your spouse how much you love them, year after year, with a beautiful flower arrangement, whether you get a traditional anniversary flower or put your own spin on it.

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