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Flower basket

Flower gift baskets are a great and considerate idea. Not only are baskets practical, a good alternative to a vase, and reusable by its recipient but they also offer gift options. You can do a flower basket full of different flowers or why not add to the excitement of the gift by making it a basket of not only flowers but maybe also a bottle of wine or some snacks like cheese, crackers and fruit. That way the receiver or the gift basket do not only get beautiful flowers to decorate their home, but also something to satisfy the other senses.

With a basket you also have the ability to tie on some balloons to decorate it even further. If you plan to send a flower baskets to a hospital, check with the hospital first to ensure flowers are allowed.

Most flowers can go into a gift basket and your florist can give you recommendations and suggestions of beautiful flowers that will suit the purpose of the gift. Often times the stems are much shorter in order to fit into the basket. Some gift baskets allow for creative floral arrangements due to being able to arrange the flowers with more precision when using a brick of floral foam.

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