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Mother's day flowers

Giving flowers on Mother's day is probably the most traditional and common gift on this special day celebrated all around the world. Mother's day happens the 2nd Sunday of May every year in North America (note that Mother's day is celebrated on different days in different countries). Mother's day is a special day to show your affection, love and respect for your mother and flowers can help send that message beautifully presented.

There are many different options for flowers and arrangements. Be sure to plan ahead and make a note of this day in your calendar (and give yourself a reminder) so that you can get the flowers you want. Often times the thought behind the gift it is more important than the actual flowers. The details do count, for example, the gift needs to be delivered on time and the flowers you chose could have some special meaning (most people like flowers regardless of which kind they are but if you can 'personalize' it, it just adds that extra special touch).

Traditional Mother's Day flowers

A traditional Mother's day flower is carnations. Pink carnations are often given to represent love and white carnations to show our affection for those mothers that are no longer with us. Although carnations may be the traditional Mother's day flower, roses are also very popular or other spring flowers. It is a good idea to look up the meaning of the flower you are considering and thereby sending an extra special message and thought to your mother. Since Mother's Day is celebrated during the spring in a lot of countries it usually also means that there is a wide selection of flowers available, so do a little research and find the one that you feel represents your feelings for your mother the best.

Choosing Mother's Day flowers

If you are thinking that this year you would like to find an alternative, to the more traditional Mother's day flower arrangement, why not consider a plant. If your mother loves flowers for example, why not get her a rose in a pot that can later be planted in her garden and thus extend the 'life' of the gift. This way your mother can be reminded of your love for her way beyond Mother's day.

As said above, there are somewhat traditional Mother's Day flowers. However, some things to keep in mind, and that will make this flower gift very special for your very special mother, is to choose a flower with a fragrance your mother likes, flowers in her favorite color and of course, her favorite flower. Show your mother the consideration and love you have for her in the selection of flowers.

Depending on what your mother likes, an herb plant can also be a beautiful and very fragrant gift. Mint, basil and rosemary can all make nice green arrangements that you can 'spice' up with some nice ribbon for example.

If your mother likes to garden then perhaps getting her flower seeds of her favorite flowers is a good and different idea. This way she can plant them in her garden and watch her Mother's day grow for months to come.

Also, as suggested above, sending a flower with meaning symbolizes your relationship, or your feelings for your mother is another way of 'personalizing' the flower gift.

Cheap Mother's Day flowers

Flowers these days are not cheap. This is especially the case during holidays and occasions such as Mother's Day, Valentine's Day etc. Although you may not be able to get 'cheap' flowers there are a few things that you can think of that may lessen the cost and still ensure you give a beautiful flower arrangement to your mother. One thing to think about is what flowers are in season, usually seasonal flowers are not as expensive as flowers that are rare and hard to transport during that time of the year. Also, instead of going for that big flower basket, maybe consider getting fewer flowers, choosing a flower that 'stands well on its own' and putting them in a tall narrow vase to add to it and make the flower arrangement look complete and elegant.

Although it may not be true in all cases, a lot of times quality is more important than quantity. Choosing flowers that show your love – by 'personalizing' the gift and thus showing her that you put some extra thought into it (see above under “Choosing Mother's Day flowers”) can go a long way without spending too much.

Delivery of Mother's Day flowers

If you are not able, or simply would rather, have your Mother's day flowers delivered, keep a few things in mind; flowers are probably one of the most popular gifts on occasions like this so plan ahead. Plan ahead for a couple of different reasons, supply (of flowers) and also in order to be able to ensure timely delivery. Making arrangements ahead increases your chances of actually being able to get the flowers you want and also ensures delivery.

If you do not live close to your mother, ordering flowers online and having them delivered is a great option that most online flower stores offer. Even though you are ordering flowers online and having them delivered you can often times add a card to send with the flower arrangement.

Also, whether you are picking up the Mother's day flowers yourself and delivering them or having them sent and/or ordered online you can often times get a vase for the flowers or a basket so that your flower arrangement now become a fully put together gift. With the services flower shops offer and the online ordering option, distance and time are no longer excuses for not sending a mother's day flower gift!

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