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Silk flowers

Depending on what your plans are for your flowers, silk flowers can always be an option. There are some really beautiful life-like silk flowers out there that look beautiful.

Although they are called still called 'silk flowers' today these flowers are processed using synthetic fibers. The fabric is pressed over heated moulds that melt the fibers into artificial flowers that replicate the distinct shapes and characteristics of the flowers they are meant to look like. Once the shape is created, the silk flowers are painted to match hues and gradations of whichever flower they are mimicking.

It is possible to get just about any fresh cut flower in a silk version. In fact, silk flowers are created with different season in mind. Meaning it is possible to get almost any type of flower in whatever phase of its life, for example, in buds, just about to bloom, partial bloom, etc.

Benefits of silk flowers

Some of the benefits of silk flowers are that they are low maintenance and durable. They are not affected by sunlight and require no nutrients to keep them looking healthy and strong. All they will ever need is an occasional dusting.

If you have a favorite flower that you like to keep in the house or office all year round, this is a simple way to ensure that you can always have them around, as they are always in bloom.

For those people will allergies, artificial flowers are a great option. They allow you to have the bright, pretty flowers you admire so much with the typical sneezing, coughing, itching, running nose and watering eyes that drive everyone a little crazy.

It can be a more cost effective solution if you like to keep a lot of flowers around you. Buying flowers every few weeks can get quite pricey, whereas the long lasting silk flower option can save some money.

Silk wedding flowers

There are also many reasons why a bride might also look into silk flowers as an option for her wedding. Silk flowers might be a cheaper alternative for different wedding decorations. Making use of silk flowers for her wedding bouquet and the bouquets of her bridesmaids might also be a smart option. A benefit to a silk wedding bouquet is the bouquet will last a very, very long time. There is no extra work needed to preserve the flowers.

Another thing that makes artificial flowers a smart option is that it ensures that any flower you desire will be available. As silk flowers are always available and their prices do not fluctuate with the seasons.

Silk flowers can be used like any other flower, for centerpieces of a dining table or wedding, or for larger arrangements used in any room of the house or office.

And of course you do not have to worry that anyone in your wedding party or guests will be allergic to your flowers.

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