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Wedding bouquets

Wedding flower bouquet can take many shapes and forms, traditional to contemporary. The flower bouquet is a chance to 'dot the 'I'' and tie your wedding theme together. Since wedding dresses are often white, wedding flowers can give that extra punch of color and life. You can make your bridal flower bouquet as personal as you are by your selection of flowers – flowers come in many different shapes and forms creating very different looking arrangements, colors – bright and playful, soft and natural, dark and rich and so on, bridal floral arrangement – traditional shape and style, formal and elegant, natural and flowing, simple and stunning or intriguing and interesting.

You can do a lot of research online to get a chance to see wedding flowers you like and how they may work together. Bridal magazines are also a great idea as they often have lots of pictures of bridal floral bouquet and are a good source of inspiration. Most florists also have lots of pictures of flower bouquets they have made and that gives you an idea of their work style and also how your bouquet could actually look like. If there are bouquet pictures you like parts of and not others your florist can often suggest other types of flowers or colors that will give you the look and feel you are going for. Your local wedding florist will also be able to let you know what kinds of flowers they will be able to get a hold of the season you are getting married. Having that said it is a plus to not have your mind locked on one particular flower idea until you have talked to a florist to make sure your flowers are available – better to be safe than sorry. Or IF you are absolutely set on one particular flower to use for your wedding bouquet and you can't get a hold of fresh flowers, consider using silk flowers instead – either only silk flowers or your florist may be able to combine fresh flowers with silk flowers and still create a natural floral bouquet design.

Wild Flower Bouquets

Wild flowers in your wedding bouquet can create a beautiful and natural look and flow to the floral arrangement. The unique colors of the wild flowers add a great color splash without overstating their vibrancy but rather still keeping that natural, almost rustic feeling.

Some types of flower that are popular wild flowers for weddings may include Queen Anne's lace, tall ironweed, Canada lily, poppies, Carolina spring beauty, cornflowers, Thimbleweed, butterfly weed, forget-me-not, Turk's cap lily, everlasting pea, European Columbine, tall bellflower, New England Aster and Indian blanket to include just a few.

An alternative to trusting that Mother Nature will grow these flowers for you (nearby where you are getting married) are to grow some in your own garden. Having that said, this will take some planning as you will have to plant them (unless you or a family member or friend already have them in their garden) as you want to make sure they will actually bloom in time for your wedding. Also consider the season for wild flowers. Talk to your florist about options and go from there.

Wild flower bouquets are beautiful, natural and unique and can also be quite the money saver. However apart from the planning of course (looking a head months in advance) there are a few more things to consider. Make sure to acquire the knowledge you need to grow the flowers. Grow more than you think you will need so that you can pick only the most beautiful ones for your wild wedding flower bouquet. Also, as with most things when it comes to your wedding planning make sure you have a back up plan just in case the flowers do not bloom or your wild flower bouquet simply does not come together in time such as having a florist aware of your situation and ready to help out last minute if needed.

Wedding Flower Ideas

If you are looking for wedding floral ideas outside the traditionally designed wedding bouquet of roses there are many options. For example you can add exotic flowers to your wedding bouquet or even berries, fruit or leaves and twigs to create texture and an unusual, yet very elegant, touch. You can also use beads, pearls and strands of grass to create a stunning wedding floral look. Different material can really put an interesting and personal twist on your wedding flowers and create joy for the eye. You can also use say beads or lace in your wedding bouquet to tie it in to the dress or the jewelry you are wearing at the wedding.

Looking for a different idea of wedding flower design, look into wedding pomanders, they can make stunning floral arrangements and add a fun spin (or maybe the bridesmaids carry pomanders while the bride carries a traditionally arranged bouquet).

Another idea is to spell out your groom's name in the flowers of your wedding bouquet. By having that said we don't actually mean you try to make it look like it says 'Peter' in your floral bouquet. But what you can do is to choose flowers to represent each letter of his name so for example choosing to add some poppies for 'P' and so on. Your wedding bouquet takes on a new special meaning.

Wedding flowers stay fairly consistent but you can see slight trends from season to season and year to year. Spring and summers often have soft colors like pinks mixed with perhaps some brighter colors to match the bright and light filled season. Autumn and winter tends to draw out some slightly darker colors for warmth and richness. What it ultimately comes down to though is personal taste though. If you have a favorite color, and your wedding just wouldn't be yours unless you incorporated it, then you will probably go with that color for your flower bouquet regardless of fashion or season. Get inspired by seasons, magazines, run over ideas with your friends and wedding florist and find what is the right floral expression for you at your wedding.

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