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Wedding florists

There are many florists out there so you may need to visit a few to find the right one for you. Finding the right florist for your wedding is like finding the right hair dresser – someone who understands your style and the vision you have for your wedding.

Collect as many ideas and pictures as you want and start looking around. The most convenient place to start may be 'down the street' – your neighborhood florist. Depending on where you live that will of course impact your options and how many alternatives you have as far as wedding florists goes.

When you select a wedding florist do not feel like you have to stick with the first one you go to (unless it is of course the only one you have available and you do not want to grow the flowers yourself). Feel free to shop around. See what the different florists suggest and how comfortable you feel with them, do they understand your style and what it is that you want? Also get some price quotes. The wedding florist will most likely ask you what kind of arrangements you want; how many bouquets and other floral arrangements you will need. The more you know about this the easier it will be to get an accurate quote. If you know exactly what flowers you want you can always shop around to see if you can get the cheaper elsewhere. If you have not decided on the flowers and the quote you have been given is too high, see if you can exchange some of the flowers with some that will easier to fit in with your budget.

Some florist specialize in weddings but a lot of florists have experience in weddings or similar big occasions so ask to see pictures of their work and that way get a better sense of their work and whether or not it actually fits your taste.

Wedding Florists Online

Finding a wedding florist online is not hard. Any search will bring you back lists and lists of wedding florists. However finding the right one may be trickier considering the communication possible in the media. You can certainly order wedding flowers online but consider the following – delivery times, care instructions (you want these fresh flowers to last and look beautiful all throughout the day), reliability etc. You can not return the flowers in time once you get them (unless you have ordered silk flowers far in advance of your wedding). If you are ordering fresh wedding flowers online make sure to have a back up plan just in case the flowers are not delivered to you on time.

Some local florists (or maybe the town next to yours) may be able to take your order online. Having had a 'live' consultation often gives the bride and groom comfort in what they are buying but if you know exactly what you are getting and you fully trust your florist then ordering online can save you some time and maybe even money.

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