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Floral wedding decorations

As far as flower decorations and arrangements goes there are many styles and as many variations as there are weddings. So think about the overall feeling you want to create at your wedding, for yourself and your guests, and start with something simple as deciding the colors you would like, or if you want to go with a traditional or contemporary flower arrangement (or something in between). Many bridal magazines can give suggestions – create your own little collage maybe with colors and flower arrangements that you like the most and then go from there to narrow it down. If you are very indecisive and not sure of what you want, ask a friend to help or go see a wedding florist that can help guide you through all the options. Some wedding floral arrangements may or may not be possible depending on the supply of a specific flower during that season as not all flowers are accessible all year round.

Some arrangements to consider are of course the flowers the bride will carry. She may carry some in her hand and maybe also in her hair. Then we have the bridesmaids and the groomsmen that often have a smaller flower arrangement – the bridesmaids usually carry theirs and the groomsmen have a flower pinned to their suit, same goes for the groom.

You can also use flowers as a tribute to the mothers of the bride and groom (optional to include grandmothers).

If you have a flower girl she often either carries a bouquet and or some flowers in her hair or she may spread flowers or petals down the aisle.

So now that the wedding party and family are taking care of there are still more floral design decorations! If you love flowers and want to go full out there are many things you can do such as have flower decorations for your wedding ceremony. For example you can have some flower decorations made for the church altar (if you are getting married in a church that is) and along the aisle. If you are having a garden party you may want a flower arch to walk through. In addition, often times the dinner tables have some sort of wedding floral decoration that match the flowers used for the wedding party. You can focus on using only part of the colors and/or flowers you used for the wedding party in the other flower arrangements for your wedding. Have a look at the locations you are getting married at and let the environment and existing colors help you choose the flowers best suited for the location(s).

The most common flower decorations are probably the wedding reception flower centerpieces. These can be simple and only use one of the flowers used in the bride's bouquet or they can be more elaborate. An option (to save on budget) is to use one flower and if you feel it is to 'small' or not enough then add some leaves or strands of grass or beads or something else that will give the centre piece that extra lift and attraction.

Having flowers on the wedding dinner tables lifts the atmosphere and ties in the theme of the wedding nicely. Not to mention the life and color colors can bring to any room.

If you get all your flowers from one wedding florist they will surely be able to give suggestions on wedding reception flower centre pieces that will match nicely with the rest of the flower arrangements and colors used in the wedding.

Make sure to consider all these wedding floral decoration options when you meet with your wedding florist so that you can include it all in your wedding flower package and thereby avoid last minute additions to it and stress.

You can go with a traditional shape and design of your wedding flowers or if you are looking for something softer and more flowing, consider the flower dome design. And also in your decorations consider spicing it up with beads, perhaps stones, ribbon, lace, grass, leaves or branches of berries to add texture and richness to create anything from a simple yet elegant or a more complex and rich wedding decoration. Small details and color contrasts goes a long way. Keep in mind that you will have multiple tables so that little details will stand out more than you think when being shown in larger quantity.

Remember that if you have a larger table where the whole bridal party will sit during dinner you may need more than one flower centre piece for it – feel free to make this one slightly different from the others around the room. Since many people's eyes will be on your table it is a great place to focus on when you think of decorations. Go as big as you want or as small as you want. Colors, interesting textures and materials can do a lot to create interest to the eye and a beautiful atmosphere without having to go overboard on spending or size of the decorations.

When you plan your floral centre pieces for your wedding keep in mind the height of the arrangement as you want your guest to be able to talk across the table and be able to look around the room. So either have your flower arrangement be under eye height or go a bit above it – often times going this way means that you will need to use some tall vases and tall flowers. There are many tall, exotic and beautiful flowers that can be used in this manner. Ask to see photos and examples of tall and low flower decorations when you visit your florist or look in magazines to get inspired.

Vases can be found at various locations and stores. Some florists let you borrow the vases for the flower arrangements which may be a great thing as having that many vases of the same sort may not come in handy that often. Or it may be possible to make arrangements with the receptions location you are using (if it is a hotel or similar). Best place to first check is with your florists as you will together determine the look, height etc of the arrangement and thereby know what will be required as far a vase goes.

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