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Flower girls traditionally take part in the wedding ceremony and walk down the aisle with a basket of flowers and/or dropping flower pedals as they proceed. They are by no means required at a wedding, but should you wish to include one, you will need to understand their role and determine what you need as far as flowers are concerned.

Flowers girls are usually young members of the family or close family friends, between the ages of 3 – 8. They are often dolled up in a pretty little flower girl dress and sent to walk down the aisle before the bride and her father. Typically flower girls carry a basket of wedding flowers that might match or accent nicely the bride’s bouquet of the other colors used in the wedding. Read up more information on flower girls.

It is important to let your wedding florist know that you plan to use a flower girl, as they will be able to prep flowers just the way you want. There are a few options for the flower girls. They can walk down the aisle tossing flower pedals on the ground. They can just carry a beautifully arranged flower basket or bouquet. Or they can hand out flowers to some of the guests seated on the edge of the aisle.

Depending on what alternative you go with, there are still a few more decisions that will need to be made. For tossing flowers down the aisle, some people prefer to use whole flowers, some to use just the pedals. It really depends on the flowers that have been chosen for the bouquets or other decorations. For instance, roses can be broken out into pedals very nicely, whereas a lily has a limited amount of pedals that do not make sense to break off.

The most common flower to use is a rose, as they have the perfect size and shaped pedals. They also come in a variety of colors, so it is easy to match that to the chosen wedding colors. Other options apart from roses are lavender (fresh of dried), daisies, violets and pansies or just about any small flower. Depending on the size of the flower, the entire flower less the stem can be tossed, instead of just the pedals. Be sure to ask your wedding florists for other ideas and options too.

For the option of the flower girl just carrying the basket, a florist can put together a pretty floral basket arrangement specially made for the flower girl. This basket can be prepared in such a way that it looks pretty and matches the other floral décor. Another option if the flower girl is just to carry flowers is to give her a smaller version of the bridesmaids’ flowers, or possibly even the same size if she is a little older.

Flower girl baskets can also be decorated with ribbons, flowers or anything you like that can also accent the overall decorations of the wedding ceremony. A nice way to tie everything in is for the florist to use the same ribbon used to tie the bouquets as the same decorative ribbons on the flower girl basket.

If the plan is to hand out flowers, make sure you have enough for the flower girl to hand out. If you plan to use roses, make sure the flowers have their thorns removed, the last thing you want is a hurt flower girl or wedding guest!

It is also really adorable to put one of the flowers that match the bride’s bouquet into the flower girl’s hair. The options are endless what you can do with flowers and the flower girl.

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